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Well this is not going to be much of a report but here goes anyway. The last 3 times we have been offshore trolling it has been terrible fishing with Wahoos & Sailfish vanishing we had to resort to deep dropping which was awesome one day was awesome with nice Triggers, Groupers, American Reds, Tilefish etc. well we thought we had it figured out went out a couple days later & could not hardly fish for the current being so strong so we ran inshore to hardly no current but then there was also no fish. Well there seems to be a few of the Giants showing up now so we are now going in high gear chasing them. Maybe with this last blow & cold snap moving in they will start to bite. Bluefin Tuna is my personal favorite kind of fishing to me there is nothing like fishing a few miles from the beach catching 300 - 500 pound fish. Well maybe the next report I post will have a big ole slob pic to go with it! We still have some open dates to go Bluefin fishing.
Capt Shane
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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