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Went out to fish a local lake a little bit ago and that means bank fishing for me since I don't have a kayak or boat. I fished about 3 hours with only one bite but man did I make that bite count. I pitched under a log that was tipped over into the water from the bank that had a couple other pieces of timber around it, and a fish slammed it. I fought it out of the wood for a couple minutes and finally lipped him onto shore and weighed it to find that it was a 4.7 lb bass, by far my biggest bass to date. Normally I fish ponds in my area so big ones aren't a common occurrence for me and this was so exciting to catch and pull out of the water. Hope to catch more like this one in the future. Caught this guy on just a watermelon zoom worm, nothin fancy.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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