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Went out fishing in Cherry Point yesterday and glad I did! After a couple of hours of no bites I decided it was time to switch up the bait from dead mullet to llive bait fish that I had caught in my cast net. I set my rod down against some rocks and continued to throw the cast net. Not even 5 minutes in the water I catch out the corner of my eye my pole bending, I tried to grab it and set the hook but it was to late! Took my bait for me not holding my rod! So I cast out another live fish but this time I held my rod. After about 3 minutes I felt some tuggs on my line from my bait I am guessing, than something just took it hard and fast! I set the hook and it was game on, only took about 2-3 minutes to bring it in. He was 24 inches, the biggest trout I have caught yet!
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