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went to SOUTHERN PINES RESEVOIR about 2 hours ago and finally caught something - a bass - small mouth large mouth DON`T KNOW` JUST HAPPY TO GET THE 1ST ONE OVER WITH - i was at the 1st pier you come to when you walk to the left - couple of small boats out there calm water -
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Congratulations! Your first fish ever?
Congrats! Believe me I know the feeling.
i am from N.Y. moved here last june bought my yak in july and have gone out religiously - today was my 1st - use to surfcast in N.Y. but yes my 1st here - was using a top water frog [love it ] but i switched to a rubber worm [ the jap one ] and caught the bass - i`ve got one question we just finished eating it why was there such a smell to it
Bass aren't the best fish to eat, we usually release them because we love them for their fighting abilities. Crappie are much better, and easier to catch.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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