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Had an opportunity to fish for the first time in 2015 on Tuesday and had a blast. As I left the ramp at 1030am the winds were light, sun was warm and Pelicans were crashing bait at the confluence of Futch Creek/ICW/Nixon's.

First couple stops weren't very encouraging, one chuncky spike tossing 17's, but at least I got my casting arm warmed up. Slid up to spot number 3, switched to a Zman soft plastic and immediately started catching more chunky spikes. They were small, 13", but solid, healthy specks. Continuing down the bank picked up an 18" trout. Went shallow looking for reds before it got too shallow for my rig. No luck.

Went to back to where I started (passed go, got $200) and caught a lower slot red. Switched to a 3" gulp shrimp and caught 3 more reds as the wind was howling. Then as suddenly as the wind started, it laid down about 4pm, and the reds stopped biting. Switched back to Zman but this time dropped down to 1/16 oz head. Was rewarded with a 22 1/2 trout to end the day and got 2015 off to a great start.

Now if those Buckeyes can emerge victorious on Monday night vs. Oregon, all will be right with the world.
IT'S DUCK SEASON! And our QB's nickname? 12 GUAGE!!!
For Real! I can't make this stuff up.


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