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Helped my GF catch the first fish of her life today,

I was supposed to take her fishing for the first time back in April.... While I was at the W.Kerr Scott M&G with the Red X guys, she broke her ankle falling off a curb at a church fund raiser...So no fishing back then.

On Friday, she was given permission to put weight on it, and found that she could move around again... So she asked me to take her fishing on the trip we had postponed.

First cast, a small bass. He got off the hook before I could get the picture. 15 minutes later, this feisty channel cat decided to stay on the hook long enough for a picture.

She was very happy.

Fishing at Mayo River State park, in a fishing pond there. Used a Gulp! 1" cricket under a float for the fish. I figured that she'd catch a few bream to break herself in, but nope.... Goes right out and catches a small bass then a fine eating fish.

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Mary says to tell her hi, and thanks for her help at the kid's clinic!
It was great to meet / see both of them there. Glad she's able to get around better, Len... I know that was frustrating her when we talked at the Clinic. I've been outfished by my wife before, I look forward to when I can be outfished by both her and my son on the same day. That will be a banner day!

Congrats on some nice fish!
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