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On Monday, 1/5 the kids were back in school, had the day off and the wife was running errands. Good day to go fishing, right?

Got out to the Harris Lake Dam around noon and was fighting the waves and wind. The water was so choppy that I didn't anchor down as usual and kept getting pushed toward the dam buoys. I hunkered down in the tall grass in a little cove and casted where I could get an opening. Garlic soaked ham slices were on my lure, but no results. Guess the fish had too much ham over the holidays, too...

I was about to call it a day around 3:30 but the gusts died down. I dropped anchor and threw out some garlic soaked shrimp. Wasn't getting any action even though the fish finder showed schools passing by underneath. At that point I figured it wouldn't hurt to do something different and wrapped my ham on a TruTurn Catfish hook tied to a thin nylon rope with a Carolina rig setup (tied down to my kayak seat strap--won't do that next time).

At around 4:30pm, it was getting close to the end of my fishing day so I lit up a cigar in anticipation of going home without a true fish story. Suddenly, the kayak jerked so hard that the cigar flew from my hands in getting my balance. After a good fight bringing it in, I ended up with a 23 inch / 6 Pound channel cat.

2015 is off to a great start! Can't wait to get back out there.

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