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First red of the year!

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Went out last night to my spot along the white oak river to celebrate my friend's last day in NC till he drives back to Oregon today. Unfortunately he wasn't able to catch anything. On the other hand, my friend Josiah and I had a decent day. I brought in my personal best of 24" and a small one of roughly 14" (Pictured below). Josiah managed to bring in a 20" and another small one as well. Both were caught on cut finger mullet. However, the highlight of my night must have been the minnow I was using. I threw it out and BAM. Biggest hit I've gotten since I started fishing late last year. My reel was screaming and my drag was set pretty high. Unfortunately he managed to rip off my hook but that was definitely the "one" that got away :(. All in all a fun night.!


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