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First red

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Well after a couple of months trying to target reds on my fly rod i finally got one the otherday. It was about 15 inches, but it was the best fight ive had in along time. Not only was it my first drum on a fly, it was on a clouser i tied up.
Next fish to target is some specks any body got any suggestions, techniques or patterns.
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Coingrats !!! There's nothing better than catching fish on flies that you put together yourself. Clousers and deceivers will just about do the trick for Specks as well. Post some pics up Man!!!
Nice, congrat's on your first red... your hooked now!

trout,, hard to beat live shrimp.
For artificials - DOA shrimp, gulp shrimp, silver or gold Clarkspoon.

But hard to beat live shrimp under a poppin cork... ;)
Congrats on the puppy drum on fly. Just think what an adrenaline blast that hook up would have been if the red was on the upper end of the slot size! For the specks on fly, a well known NC coastal guide once told me that he has good results using any type of Clouser or Surf Candy type pattern that is tied in chartreuese, pink or combination of these with a little Krystal Flash thrown in for off-color water.
I'll put a 4lb Red up against a 8lb Largemouth fight for fight anyday!!
Congrats on your first red! A 15 inch red is very noticable on the end of your line.
congrats on your first red, they are the best fight you can have..................................chris
Congrats! Now if I could reel in my first one...All I seem to catch at the coast are Pinfish and Lizard Fish.
I got my first 2 last week and can't wait unil the next one, or 2, or 3, or 4
Congrats from here too.

Caught my first red earlier this year also (actually I'm up to 4). None on a fly though, and certainly not a self-tied fly. That's 2 notches up on the degree of difficulty!

Who else got their first red in 2007?
I was reading an article from lefty kreh the other day about speck fishing with a fly. He was saying to try a popper and put a shrimp or minnow on a dropper and it acts just like a popping cork using rod and reel.
Has anybody tried this technique before.
Who else got their first red in 2007?
I would fall into that category. Several of them tasted delicous too.
First Red March 2007...... I C&R all my Reds, and havent deep hooked one yet ( which I will eat if I do). But I'm not a much of a fish eater anyway unless its Mahi/Tuna/Salmon and the ever delicious GROUPAH!!!
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