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I took one of our adopted family members out fishing this morning on the White Oak River. The wind and water were both calm and we were enjoying the beautiful morning while slowly bumping 4 inch Gulp swimming mullets around the edges of the oyster bars.

Not a whole lot of action this morning but we kept at it. Our patience paid off when the drag on Travis's reel began to sing. After a little tug of war contest, he was rewarded with a beautiful 28 1/2 inch Redfish.

What made this occasion so much better is that not only was this the biggest fish Travis had ever caught, it was also his very first Redfish.

As the fish swam out of his hands when he released it, the smile on his face made me confident Travis will be out fishing with me again soon.

Although I only caught a couple Croakers, I enjoyed the morning and being part of this wonderful moment.

Everyone, please be safe and enjoy yourselves.

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