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fish finders?

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hey i was just wondering if i could get some help with some fish finders. i was looking at one of the underwater cameras or a fish finder. are those cameras any good? or should i get a fish finder instead?
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I'd say finder first, then camera. I think of the cameras as more a curiosity/hobby than an important fishing tool.

Most folks use the finder more to identify depth, structure/cover or bait that would indicate good fish holding area than they do for finding the fish they want to target.

The fish finders work in clear or muddy water and you can use them as much to find places NOT to fish as to find places TO fish.

The camera has limited use and a limited range of visibility. I suppose if you had a clearwater pond or lake, and you had a route of brushpiles or catfish holes that you knew exactly how to find, you could go around your route and use the camera to see if there were any fish on them.

I don't think you can drive around in a boat with the camera deployed - maybe on a slow troll, but not wide open. Big difference there with the fish finders. Plus you've got to be looking at the screen at the very instant when an image is on the screen with a camera - a graph-style finder will give you some scroll time to see and process what you've just passed over.

All that said, I've never used a camera so don't really know what I might be missing. Just adding my $0.02 worth. Also, there's nothing wrong with curiosity/hobby - it would be a lot more efficient for me to go out and get a powerboat than it is to paddle around my dopey kayaks, but I like paddling so I keep at it. To each his own!
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hey cool thanks. any knowledge about the ones walmart sells for $99?
If this is your first unit you will need to get the fish finder. Don't let the name fish finder get into the equasion so soon. I use mine 99 % of the time to tell me how deep the water is and the surface temperature.

If I am bream fishing I like to be in 6-9 foot of water, not shallower or deeper.

I use it to find where the structure is in a given body of water, creek channels and such and the fish em. I keep some bouys in the boat ready to kick over just in case I find something I like and need to back up to fish it, also use them to show a drop line in the lakes. Drop off a bouy and follow your line out and drop another bouy, this shows the area you need to fish or a line where the structure is around you.

tight lines <*)))))>{
hey cool thanks. any knowledge about the ones walmart sells for $99?
I've heard mostly good things about both the Humminbird Pirhanna Max and the Eagle Cuda finders in the $100 range. There are lemons in every batch, but I see lots of both on kayaks. Probably more Eagles than H'birds. To me the Pirhanna feels like a more sturdy piece of equipment, but you may get more features for the money with the eagles. Pretty much a toss up in my opinion.

I found a full-size Humminbird 535 on sale at BPS for $139 and went with that - more pixels, better resolution on the screen. Might be a little bigger screen area too. Quite happy with its performance.
I would like to recommend the Eagle FishMark 320..its the one that I have on the bow of my boat and it is a really good fish finder for the price. It is around $160 dollars, but you can find it on sale sometimes at bass pro shops. Here is a link to it..

Eagle FishMark 320 Fish Finder
medicsteve, Check out good prices on fish finders. Chris
I just bought an Eagle 250ds. It is a discontinued model ( like computers they change all the time) but it does a great job for the price. Look around there before you buy. Alot of guys upgrade finders like the weather changes in NC...LOL!!! They unload used ones with little use cheap!
Get a fish finder first then you can get the camera to see what size and kind of fish you found.
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