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Took off out of MHC around 0545. Going out was easy, seas were small. Different story once we hit the stream...6', steep and very choppy. Winds were probably 25kts. Would have split if we didn't know the weather was going to get better. Thank goodness the reports were accurate...seas really laid down in the afternoon.

Didn't catch a thing from 0700-1630. Not even a sniff. We saw plenty of mahi around (under trash etc) way out past the Big Rock (about 6 miles).

Finally hooked into some fish later in the day...perserverance won this time! First school was 4 on, 2 landed. Second mêlée had 4 on and 3 landed. In between were a couple of blackfin tuna. All this in about 1 hours time.

All and all a good day!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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