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Fish with Vin Numbers ??????

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Here are results from fishing in a CFA Spanish Tournament........
With only have 4 live Pogeys on board. Plans are to slow trolling for Spanish.

First spot, 2 baits out, immediate knock downs, mine gets cut off think it was a King. ( ????? )
While Harold's starts the fight with a big drag pulling monster winning Spanish.
Harold fighting, bent rod action on a lightest wire rigs we have. Get to see some color.
All we saw was brown & white, now we are all yelling it's a Cobia.
Excitement breaks out, crew is ecstatic, the feeling is overwhelming.
After about a 15 minute fight we lose it. We are all depressed.

Last 2 live baits go out, another 2 knock downs & another cut off.
DENNIS! picks up the rod, another 20 minute fight only to bend the front hook.
This time we get to see the fish, it's not a Spanish, it's not a King, it's not a Cobia.......
( Wait for it , wait for it........ )
It's a big AJ with lot's of friends & a few Cobias hanging with them.

So our Spanish tournament days turns into " let's catch at least one Cobia ... "
Run back to the beach find large school of big Pogeys,
Go back to the "spot", switch out rigs to circle hooks & get out the big guns.

Three rods out, 2 fish on. Hand Jay ( Bird Man ) my rod & he gets his first taste of an AJ's power.
Turn to see DENNIS! ( Jersey Girl ) hooked up. A new species, a first for both.
Harold & I sit back, start barking out orders, we are both enjoying the pain a Reef Donkey brings.

Harold caught 1 AJ, while Bird Man get's his second.
ICM gets the wild jumping Mr. Stinky ....... ICM

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Great report and thanks for sharing.
Sweet. .......
Too bad you can't train AJ, then you wouldn't have to buy an outboard! That was the first time I ever heard the line 'scream' through the water when I hooked up with about a 35 pounder, man did he pull. Barracuda was the second time I heard it, but alas, it was not on my line. Sounds like a fun day. Thanks for the report ICM.
That was great fun, looking down in the crystal clear water to see these giants swimming around the baits. And thanks so much for "seconds" !!!
Those Reef Donkies sure do have a kick!
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