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As previously written my friend and fellow NC Angler KC is slaving away six days a week selling boats and RV's and his fishing time has been severely limited. Add in a recently ended Sunday Flag Football League, fishing became something to dream about. Reality Check! It's June 10 and he's yet to catch a topwater red. So when he texted me Wednesday about getting on the water at O'Dark Thirty Thursday morning I was "All In" (Go CAVS).

Dawn as the picture suggests was absolutely perfect (barometer rising, water temp 79, wind SSW < 10)and 15 minutes later a brand new out of the box #11 Skitterwalk got crushed! A 28" red, after several powerful runs found its way to the net. With the trolling motor down and the tide falling we searched the marsh for more. It's now about 645 and KC cast toward a grass point next to an oyster island, nothing. But as we approached his former target a nice sized red darts out from the grass! File that fact.

Come aronund the point and there they are... Pushing! Two very well placed casts go untouched. We look at each other curiously and instantly stowed the topwater rigs. KC grabbed a Zman jerk shad on a jighead and I grabbed a gold spoon. Instant hook- ups. In the ensuing battle, we lost track of the complicated as KC's fish wrapped him around a crab pot. He opened the bail n let the fish run while successfully getting free of the pot. By this time that fish was 50 yards out. Looked for that school with no luck and with the water level getting real skinny we left. After looking in another low tide spot that's navigable, it was time for him to head back to the dock and go sell boats. Not a bad morning!


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