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Fishing Docks on the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway)

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Last year quite a few people recomended fishing the docks along the ICW but I had a hard time with the current pulling me too fast away from one spot. Any recomendations? How do you fish the docks...mudminnows? Jigs? top bottom???
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Re: Fishing Docks on the ICW

If the current is running hard, and I'm tired of running the trolling motor, I will anchor just offshore of docks in deeper water. You will find it seems like some docks produce better than others. I will anchor off of a group that has done me well in the past, and cast up to them. I use a Carolina rig with live fatbacks, popeye mullet, or live shrimp for the flounder. I will put two rods out and leave them in rod holders. The third rod I will cast up to a dock, and drag it really slow across the bottom until I feel a flounder pick it up. I prefer fishing docks in 10 -15 foot of water. You will find a lot sheepshead and black drum around these docks in the summer. That is a whole another topic. I f you are new to fishing for trout, flounder and drum, there is one important thing you need to do if fishing live bait. Fluorocarbon, Fluorocarbon, Fluorocarbon. You need to pick some up for leader material. You also need to go learn how to fish with slip bobbers also, if you don't already. You can set the cork, and fish any depth you want. I will set mine just off of the bottom. You can cover a lot of ground floating your baits this way for flounder. That is another key when flounder fishing. Trout, red drum and flounder will all hit live bait when you use either of these rigs. If you are fishing a group of docks and are anchored, and have not had a hit in 15 minutes or so, I will usually move on to the next ones. Unless of course I know the pattern fish follow on a paticular tide or set of docks. Then I will hang out a little longer.
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Re: Fishing Docks on the ICW

Bread man's advice is right on. One thing I would add is that docks near creeks that feed into the ICW are usually some of the better producers for drum and flounder. Also ones that have been there for a while seem to do better - maybe because they have more barnacles which attract bait which attract sport fish which attract

Currents around docks are good - that is a favorite ambush spot - look for the current breaks - places on the back side of structure that are semi-protected from the current - the drum and flounder will sit in the eddy looking for dinner to be sweept by.
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Is there a better time of the year to fish the docks? The current here is anoying. I had to get a new trolling motor just to compete with the water! As far as slip bobbers, I've never tried that, but it makes sense. Also, is there another type of rig people use here for flounder fishing. I recal several people drifting down channels fishing for flounder but I couldn't quite figure out what type of set up they had.
Again thank you guys!
I usually find the Drum around docks in the summer months. Flounder are there from Spring through late fall.

Would the rig you are asking about be a "Carolina Rig", also known as a fish finder? It is very popular for flounder fishing in these parts, especially drifting or using casting patterns. Egg Sinker on the main line, swivel (no snap), leader (18-24 inches usually) then a hook snelled to the end. There are many variations - some have beads and spinner blades (like the colorodo blade), others use a popping cork above the leader. Does that sound what you saw? If not - any further details will probably help us identify it for you.
Welcome aboard specreck. There are places where the currents will be more tolerable. Look for wider areas away from necked down areas and areas that the shore line is not paralell to the ICW or major current flow. Also the tide isn't the same from day to day. Keep the wind direction, tide all in mind when picking time and spots to fish.
hey thanks guys. Yes, fish finder, that's what people said they were using, to me the name is foreign, but i've used it before. The channels I had picked in the past were places like in Wrightsville off the boat ramp next to the island with the fake palm tree. Although I did catch a flounder there the currnet was way to strong for me to anchor or troll against
Ok All Set!! Went out and got everything I will need for the season!!! YEah, who am I kidding. But I did manage to make some fishfinder rigs, and also had fun today making my owne new spinner baits for reds. I've had a lot of luck with large gold colorado bladded spinners. So I figure I would save myself a bcuk or two and make my owne. I will send pics of my first fish on them if and when I catch this seasons first red.
Egg Sinker on the main line, swivel (no snap), leader (18-24 inches usually) then a hook snelled to the end. There are many variations...
I heard an interesting variation this past weekend in VA beach -- this guy uses a tungsten bullet weight and a bead before his swivel, so they'll bang against each other to make some noise -- hopefully attractive!
will keep that i mind, alaways willing to try what works
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