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On Thursday, me and a buddy were silently protesting the rainy weather. After a few minutes of idle time, we came to a consensus that catfish don't mind being wet, and soon found ourselves In a makeshift shelter on the banks of the Neuse river in the pouring rain. We had very little luck during the daylight hours, but just as we were about to leave at dusk, our patience finally paid off. My 8 foot catfish ugly stik began to bob back and forth, and as I slipped and slid towards it in the muddy bank, it gradually doubled over. I set the hook, and hauled a nice 15 to 20 lb blue cat to shore amid joyous mirth from me and my friend, who like me, expected us to catch nothing. Don't ever let a rainy day stop you from getting outside folks, you just might be surprised at what happens. On a side note, thank you to ncangler user swampin' for providing the cut shad I caught him on!

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