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Fishing in Wilmington on April 1st

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Where is the best place to put in and get good fishing action? We really don't care about the species we are just learning the ropes.
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Put in at the Wildlife ramp at Wrightsville Beach. Just look for the sign right after you cross the causeway bridge (first bridge). Not sure what kind of boat you'll be using but fishing around the jetties and mouth of Masonboro inlet might be a good start. You could also try the Liberty ship about 2 miles from the sea buoy. The blues should be showing up about then and maybe the Bonito too.
Definitely gonna try for some Bonita this year including by the liberty ship. Bet ya a nickel I catch a few!!
Which ropes are you learning? If you're learning the yak-fishing ropes in general, then heading offshore might be something better done with an experienced mentor... There are lots of good opportunities along the ICW, or you can head south to Fort Fisher - it's got an enclosed basin, with barrier islands to the east and a seawall to to the west, protecting you from the shipping traffic in the river. Plenty of room to paddle down past Zeke's Island, and lots of different fish habitats to explore. It's pretty shallow in many places, so there's not a lot of boat traffic.

Of course, if you're an experienced offshore yak-fisher and it's the NC fish whose ropes you're learning, then TA's recommendation is probably gold.

And, 950, if you've already got a page in your calendar for June, see if you can clear the date for June 28. 2nd annual Kayak Fishing NC Meet'n'Greet, down at Fort Fisher.
Oops - I missed the fact this post in the Kayak forum - sorry. Ignore my advice - its for a power boat.
I'd second the Ft Fisher area. Any where up and down the main river from Snows Cut down to the Ferry boat. There are a lot of islands in the center of the river and they hold trout, drum and flounder.

Staying between the islands and the east banks you will be out of the major boating lanes and the water is shallow at most areas.

tight lines <*)))))>{
I've heard that the current inside Snow's Cut proper can get pretty wicked... never played there myself, though...
Thanks for the help, my wife and I are Yaking for what ever swims we normally fish on the Cape Fear around Fayetteville. What fish are prevelent around the Ft Fisher area?
Textbook says red drum, flounder, speckled trout -- all three on one outing makes an "inshore slam". At any time of year, any of the three of 'em could be easier or harder... I'm not up to speed on those annual trends yet.

I hooked a Cobia down there last June, I hear certain times of year, the mouth of the Cape Fear can be good for them..
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