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fishing line advice

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Im going to NC in a few months to jolly roger pier, and im going to surf fish at the south end of topsail island. I will be fishing with two set ups, one rod a 7 foot medium action ugly stick and the reel is an abu garcia 65003C (my muskie/catfish reel) which will be used for pier fishing. The other set up is a Penn 320 GTI reel with an 8.5 feet Penn Fathom master graphite rod which will be used for surf fishing. What pound test/brand line should I use? I want to stick with mono, and I want high pound test with low diameter. Any suggestions?:D
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May want to consider a medium action spinning rod also to cast Gotcha plugs off the pier for Spanish mackerel...:) Ten pound test mono in your favorite brand will suffice on Spanish as long as you use a leader. The rest of it 15 pound mono will work.
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Hobbs is right about the smaller plug rod- a 8-17 # rod w/ a 3000/2500 reel is plenty unless you are king fishing.. If thats the case, the 6500 would need braid to get the necessary line needed and even then its borderline. Most are using large capacity conventionals with 30# braid/ 450+ yds.
450 I guess its safe to assume that those kings can really make your drag scream lol. What kind of braid do you recommend?
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