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Hey Guys,
Went to Mountain Island on Monday to check it out and see if my line conditioner made any diff on my reels. First, the line conditioner seems to really help with flouracrbon on baitcasters. It almost seems to give it the slightest bit of memory which is good when just flipping a jig or making a long cast with a crank.The line stays tighter on the spool instead of springing off it. I like that. You guys were right about the braid. It really helps when I shoot it up under the docks. It didn't seem to help much on the mono. All in all, I think it's worth the purchase price. Anything that helps pevent tackle problems is a plus in my opinion.
I caught six bass and missed a couple more all were on the senko worm except one which bit a crank. I'm new to senkos over the last year. Idon't know what makes bass like em' but they really do. By the way, I've tried the look alikes and none tried so far semms to sink like the oringinal. What is it about that ugly, plain worm?

See Ya'll
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