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SUNDAY 8-26-07

Had a cancellation for Saturday and Sundays trip was moved to a later date in September.

So, I took advantage of the two days off to do some much needed matenance to the "YEAH RIGHT".

Manning Outen fished Saturday and called me to let me know that the bottom fish offshore were still "chewing down".

A load of fish that included eight keeper grouper and an eight foot tiger shark.

Sounds like a very exciting day out there and several fresh fish dinners are in the future!!

At least he told me after I got all my repairs and service finished!!

Thanks Manning for the "heads up" on the fishing, we will be back at it this week, stay in touch for more reports, Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS

FRIDAY 8-24-07

Well, I finally quit listening to the weather man and went to see for myself what the seas were like.

3 to 5 foot,YEAH RIGHT!!!! It was flat calm out there!!!!

Well maybe not flat calm, but no more than 2 feet at the very most at anytime!!

I had decided that if I kept waiting for a "good forecast" that my fishing career may very well be over for a while!!

Now I'm not saying to disregard what the forecast says, but, 5 knot winds and 4 to 6 seas with no storms in the ocean.

I'm not saying that it isn't possible, and it may happen, but it's not happening at this time!!!

So, I met up with Charles Bennett from Tyro, NC and two friends Donald and Greg Kinley from Lexington, NC.

With the forecast still in the back of my mind, we ventured to the river channel where I could see from there that the weatherman's record was just "stuck"

I made the run some 45 miles offshore in nearly perfect sea conditions. Why wasn't it perfect conditions, I don't know, except maybe that nothing on this earth is perfect!!

Any way, when we dropped on the first school of fish, we got "NO" Bites!!

The next school, NO Bites!!

I was getting concerned, what's up???

I looked at my tide watch, the tide was beginning to make a switch and I figured the fish were relocating for the tide change and that was occuping their attention at that very moment.

So here I adjusted accordingly, and the guys couldn't keep their baits on the bottom!

It was fast and furious from that point on till the next slack tide!!

They had a bet on the biggest fish and Charley went ahead and got that out of the way first thing with the big Amberjack being the first fish he caught.

Now Greg was about to challenge the big fish pot several times, but, just couldn't keep them on the hook!!

Donald held his own and put both groupers in the boat!!

It was a real pleasure fishing with people from my home town area again.

That's the thing I miss most about not being there anymore, it's all the nice folks around that area of NC.

We ended the day with quite a catch for just three people!!

We had Big Black Bass, Almaco Jacks, Amberjack, Shark, Grey Snappers, Triggerfish, Huge B-Liners, Big Joltheads, Silver Snappers, and two Groupers, a nice Red and a nicer Scamp!!

I bet they sleep good tonight, I know I will!! Till next time, FISH ON!! Capt Butch and "Admiral Bodie" the fish dog says, fall is just around the corner, Yeah!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS

Red X Angler
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great report!! Seems like the forecasters have more equipment than ever and they all are doing a far worse job forecasting!!!

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Same thing yesterday - better than forecast. I like that better than when they get it wrong the other way though.

Thanks for the report and thanks again for the "tip" last month on the location of those kings! it was good to see ya again too.
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