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Fishing Shows We Like

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Howdy All,

Over the years, most of us have found or landed upon any number of fishing shows. Some we like, some we watch because we saw something interesting, some we watch hoping that the jerk of a host will get eaten by a shark.

As a kid, growing up in the Chesapeake bay area, there was one that kept me excited about fishing. In the Pre-cable years, these shows were usually found during the day on weekends or late at night. At the moment, i can't recall which of the three stations carried it, but there was one that came on Friday nights after the late news.

"The Tackle Box", hosted by a guy named Jeff Dane was great. Folks could send in their photos and stories, and he'd read them on the air. I would watch with great interest as he showed great catches from places that sounded Exotic and far away. Places like "Sandpiper's Trace", "Teaches Lair", "#3 Island" Chickahominy and Pungo Rivers.

Several times I sent in pictures after a good day on the pier, and the excitement was better than Christmas as I watched hoping to catch a view of me and a bunch of Croakers or Spot.

Last Thanksgiving, while in Avon for the holiday week, I caught one on the local cable access, and was incredibly jazzed to see these guys filming Dolphin (Mahi) around a log floating offshore.

Fishing shows have the ability to keep me interested and curious about new things and places. I learn new methods, and what I have been doing wrong for the last 25 years. I find the good ones wonderous, and the bad ones just amaze me to see a total putz catching fish (he hired the right guide/outfitter).

What shows got you started, kept you interested, or helped you learn the most?
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Good thread! I tape and watch the FLW series - mainly the King & Redfish tourneys but occasionally Bass.
The Southern Sportsman - Franc White was an anxiously awaited Sat afternoon/ Sunday morning show when I was growing up in SC. Bill Dance was another especially being from my home state of TN. Mom Dad and I watched both religiously and Dad would often comment about how he wondered if fishing for a living ever got old!... There was an even older one I can't remeber the name of.. seems like the guys name was Forest or Whitman or?
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I really enjoy the Carolina Outdoor Journal. I like it because it's based on places in north carolina, and at the end of the show they always show what tackle they were using etc. And I like it because it is not as commercialized as some shows like on versus. I just hate hearing Shaw Grigsby or Roland Martin advertising a boat. I know they have to, but it just gets annoying.
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Carolina Outdoor Journal, Shallow Water Fishermen, are my current most watched... I like the FLW shows also. In-Fisherman is pretty good too but more Infomercial....
I like John Moore in the Carolina Outdoor Journal, Shaw Grisby, and Alan Warren...........Chris
Anything, I would say just about every fishing show that comes on the Versus channel. Matter of fact fishing has been on since 12 yesterday afternoon until now. I think I was up until 2 this morning watching them. Some of the showes I really like are: Bill Dance, Hank Parker, North to Alaska, One more cast, and the Saltwater experience. Just to name a few. I will watch anything but shark fishing.
Used to watch Southern Outdoor Sportsman -- When Franc White taped down our way -- he would borrow fish to pull in for taping. I believe he spelled name with a k before driving the Ferrari and flying the zebra stripped plane.

Now watch--Carolina Outdoor Journal
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Used to watch Southern Outdoor Sportsman -- When Franc White taped down our way -- he would borrow fish to pull in for taping. I believe he spelled name with a k before driving the Ferrari and flying the zebra stripped plane.

Now watch--Carolina Outdoor Journal
Yeah it's funny how money/fame goes to your head.... wish I had that problem...LOL!
Oldies but goodies:

Southern Sportsman.....................Franc White
The Fishing Hole...........................Jerry McKinnis <S>
Carolina Outdoor Journal.............John Moore/Joe Albe on PBS
Bill Dance Outdoors......................Billy
Hank Parker Outdoor Journal........Hank
Bass Masters ................................Assorted
In Fisherman..................................??????

A few more will pop up and I'll say oh yea I remember that.

tight lines <*)))))>{

Yep those were the days.
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I grew up watching:

The In fisherman (Al Linder)
Bill Dance
Jerry McInnis
Billy Westmorland (Smallmouth Pro Fisherman from Tennessee)
Hank Parker
Roland Martin
Ray Scott with the Bass Masters.

Iwatched those shows intently and couldn't wait to tryout the things that I learned in front of the tube. I don't watch as much anymore, even with all of the channels and Outdoor shows available. However, I do enjoy setting down and watching The Hunt for Big Fish (Larry Dahlberg), The Spanish Fly (Jose Wejebe), and Flip Palott's show when he was on.
by far my favorite is Bill Dance. Just watching him at his age getting excited when he hooks a fish makes me get that itchy feeling to go wet a hook, and he also gives out alot of information. I also like watching Hank Parker and recently I have liked watching City Limits with Mike Iaconelli. Normally I just cut on the Versus channel Fri night and saturday and sunday mornings if im home.
I hardly ever catch them on TV anymore - too much competition for time (and for the TV from the female element at my house). I did DVR the Final day of the Classic. You'd think I'd do that a little more, but no...

The one I remember most from growing up was Roland Martin. He brought a whole new language and a whole new world of bass fishing locations to my imagination. It seemed like most of his early shows were done at Lake Okeechobee, with an occasional trip to the Amazon for Peacocks and Mexico for giants. I hadn't ever heard of any of the places he fished but it looked awesome while I was frozen up north.

My lasting memory was from the episode where he had caught a 15lb LM by getting out of his Ranger bass boat (no Triton around at that time) and wading in among the reeds. It was his biggest bass ever but the fish wiggled free while he was holding it and shaking and talking to the camera about how big it was. He never got a chance to weigh it.
I remember that Jeff...if you catch the new shows its one of the clips they show at the beginning when the show is coming on he mostly does saltwater fishing now
I hardly ever catch them on TV anymore - too much competition for time (and for the TV from the female element at my house).
Jeff, I am with you there! It is up to me and the dog to provide any testosterone in my house.

Interestingly, I discovered NC Angler while avoiding American Idol (Few things in life I'd ever say I hated...But for American Idol, I will make the exception!).
I love my DVR! Best 4.99 a month I ever spent!!
This is my favorite show to watch! LOL

Need windows media player. Make take a minute to load.
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Sniper, thats a nice clip....Thanks Chris
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10-4........nice stripers

I had forgotten about Jose Wejebe..........I like his show its informative.
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About 10 years ago I got to meet John Moore. I worked down in Washington (your neck of the woods Sundrop!). The outfit that I worked for hosted a wild game and seafood dinner in Greenville every spring, and one year we got him to be master of ceremonies for the event. Had never heard of Carolina Ourdoor Journal before that time...genuinely enjoy it now whenever I can actually get a hand on the remote!
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