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Any Report?
I met Shaun at the ramp at 1100. What a heck of a nice guy, he unloads the kayaks ( he let me use one of his) and we head out to the right from the ramp.

I had one bite that morning that I missed. We paddle around for a few hours trying different spots, and then we head for the creek where the water is warmer. ( This was my first time at sutton so I don't know all the names yet) Along the way, Shaun points out to the front of the kayak I am in and there is a carp sunning or doing what carp do at the top of the water. It looked like a red with its tail out of the water. Anyway this thing is about 20-25 pounds guessing, and I get about 3 ft from it before it spooks. We fish the ditch and Shaun gets one bite.

About this time its getting later so we paddle back to the ramp and he lets me throw his swim bait a few times. Awesome action on those things and I now see why they catch fish. Anyway he loads everything up, I feel like I am in the way a bit. Shaun is a great guy and went above and beyond in setting me up for the day. I think the only fish I know of caught that day he saw pulled up from a boat about 300 yds out.

I am glad that after 7 years in the area I finally got to Sutton, I will definately be back. I had a good time just paddling and being out there. I did learn that even though its early March that I need sunscreen, my head is as red as a shiny new vette. Maybe next time we will catch some fish.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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