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-Murky waters- Rapalas, they make a noise and the fish like to see whats going on.
-Mapps #2 spinner, the one with red on lure I've ever came across, almost a definite trout/ walleye/ bass spinner. When bored, just stick a worm on 'er and let it sit, fish will pick it off the bottom.
-Powerbait is awesome for trout...cover a tiny egg hook with a ball of powerbait, and cast 'er in, use a slip weight with a 3' long leader because the trout tend to stay off the bottom, and the power bait floats nicely.
- go earthworm hunting! little buggers never fail! most fish will go for earthworms because they are a natural food source. Use larger hooks for larger bites, but remember that the small hooks will probly get the same fish if you know how and when to set them.

Happy fishing!:)
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