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Fishing the Southern Shores

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Hey guys,

First post here...glad I found you all. (Nice bboard too).

I'm going to be vacationing soon somewhere around the Southern Shores area. I'm going to be taking my kayak, the problem is, I just don't know much about the area. I've never been to the Outer Banks.

Is fishing around Curituck Sound decent? Around the Memorial Bridge? Or, should I drive down to Oregon inlet?

If anyone wants to join me for a day or two, let me know.

I'm an admin at Atlanta Kayak Fishing Home ; feel free to stop by and say hello. We try to take two trips per year (spring/fall). About a month ago we all went to Cape San Blas FL and will be going back around October. Next spring we're going to be headed to Hunting Is., SC and hook up with those BARF guys. Anyone is welcome to come.

Thanks for any tips. ;)
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Welcome Aboard. We have a growing number of yakkers here that I'm sure will help you out.
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