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I've had 5 straight days of charters and I'm ready for a break. On Sunday I had a great crew, Joel, Lee, James, and Corbet. A little rough and slow but we did manage a nice tuna and wahoo.

Monday through I had a great group of guys from Wisconsin. On Monday we caught 3 very nice wahoo-38,34 and 32 lbs. We lost a real nice tuna at the boat. Tuesday we had a grand slam tuna, dolphin, wahoo, and kings. Wednesday we caught 5 tunas. Two were 30+ and 3 were small 30-40 inches. Thursday was one hot morning. We put lines in at 7:45 am and by 8am had a 31# blackfin. Next we go wrapped up with albacore, and then kings. finally we had all 7 reels get knocked down and ended up with 3 tunas hooked up. Lost one and got two to the boat both over 30#. We got wrapped up by kings again and ended up putting 7 in the boat. Got a couple of wahoo bite offs and ended up with two more tunas in the boat with one 35# and the other 52#. I carried 37 baits and by 11:30am they were gone but that was fine with all of us because we were worn out and it stared getting rough. Four great days with four great guys that were excellent fishermen even though most of their experience was fresh water.

50+ tuna

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