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The Flame King Refillable Propane bottle is DOT approved for transport and is the best way to refill 1 pound bottles safely.

They sell a stand for a 20 pound Propane bottle that comes with a refill attachment that makes it easy to refill a 1 pound bottle.

There 1 pound bottle has a bleeder valve for filling that allows you to completely fill the bottle. If you are a Amazon Prime member you can buy the bottle for $9.97 and the refill stand last time I looked was around $29.00.

I pay $10.00 for a 20 pound bottle fill that equals about 50 cents cost per 1 pound bottle so big savings from not buying the throw away bottles.

Been using them for a year now and they last a long time with the ability to completely refill the bottle. Would recommend to anyone tired of buying the throw away bottles.
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