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I had not had to chance to go fishing in over 2 weeks, and I was having withdrawels. Woke up Sat. morning, and despite the forecast of rain, the sun was shinning, so off I went.

The water temps have fallen quite a bit and the bite was extremely slow. There was fish up in the grass on the high tide, saw several of them, but they had lockjaw. The wind made it tough to fish, but I kept plugging away until the rain finally came. Had two bites today and pulled the hook on both fish. The second fish had some shoulders on it and took me straight under the boat before pulling off. Oh well, at least I got to feel a rod bend.

Sunday was much colder, not quite as much wind, but still no fish. I saw one fish pick up my jig and roll before dropping it.

The fish are still there, we just need some more warm weather to fire them off again.

Tight lines!!!
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