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I was privileged to spend this past week in Boca Grande, FL with my folks fishing the whole week. Caught our limit of mangrove snapper 3 days, went offshore to the Bayronto and caught a 24 inch red grouper and several lane and vermilion snapper, then it was kayak time. Mangrove, barracuda, sheephead, and two nice trout that were 19 and 21 inches. I didn't catch any snook but overall there were 11 Snook caught during the trip. The last night we were there, My brothers and I took granny to the tressells where she reeled in a 34 inch cobia. This was the first time in 59 years she went fishing without grandaddy but this fish brought back a smile we haven't seen in a few months. I have missed this these past couple years and I am so thankful that it worked out.

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- James -
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