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Hello everyone, I just moved to NC from Fernandina Beach, Florida and have been fishing for the last two years by kayak and gheenoe. I am in the military but also taking classes online through Florida State University. I wanted to share some things with you all from one of my courses that I am in right now, if this is not allowed please forgive me but it is only meant to hopefully pass on some good information. In one of my classes I was required to develop some information to share with others using what they call web 2.0 tools, so I chose the topic of flounder gigging. I had built my own lights and when I moved I got out of the builds but some people had asked me how to build one on their own. The below links are three things I put together to share for the class. The first one I created from scratch but the other two are really collections from information and videos I found online. I hope it is useful and feel free to share the links or make comments. Part of my class is tracking how the information is shared and to get other peoples input and comments. I hope you find it useful and good luck!


1. Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Build Your Own Gigging Light (PDF can be downloaded)

2. How to go gigging (Items needed, where to go and when to go)

3. How to prepare your flounder for dinner (cleaning and fileting the flounder)

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