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my name is zakk and I have recently moved to wilmington NC

Fishing the north end of Wrightsville Island and using some freshly cast-netted finger mullet I hooked into something big around 9:00pm. I had it on my line taking drag for about 15 seconds before the line going slack. My Spectra was cut so im thinking a smaller shark. But around 9:30pm I felt a bump, and then pulled my rod back slowly 15 seconds later to set my size 4/0 circle hook. And reeled in this lil guy. 17 inches so YAY. I also managed to bring in some larger than hand size spot.

Went back on 10/14/14 and didnt caught anything except for a bigger than average lizard fish.

Clothing Arm Jaw Sleeve Gesture

Caught using an ugly stick inshore select rod, 30 pound power pro, a texas rig and a okuma stratus size 4 reel.

I chose a texas rig over the Carolina because it reels up all the way to the top of the rod and theres a less chance of me hooking myself in the dark and because it was dark and easier to tie.
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