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Hey guys I know it has been a very long time since we posted, but it looks like we are getting things rolling again. Capt Scott has been working the areas for the striper and trout and hopefully we will have some videos up soon on that. I sold my house at the end of the year and bought a small farm that we are building on in Jones County. Between that and work time has been very limited.

We managed to head down Saturday for a test run on the Grady and check things out. Even though we didn't slay them we did manage some nice flounder on a short trip. I think we will continue to see it get better each week.

Water temp was 64 which is about 4 degrees off of mine and Scotts magic number. It is probably a couple weeks before it gets really good but be ready. It is SOOO much fun!!!!!!!!

Tight Lines and here is a video just to get you ready.

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