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Flounder Trip 7/29

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Went out Wednesday morning out of Wildlife boat ramp with Capt Wayne Freeman. My brother and I havent been successful at flounder fishing so we decided to take a guided tour with capt Freeman on the recommendation of Jimmy Price.

We left at 6am and spent a few minutes catching mullet minnows as they were traveling back out to the waterway. After thst we took a little ride up towards bald head to get started.

After anchoring up I had my first flounder in just a couple minutes. We talked to Wayne about anything and everything flounder fishing and he did a great job explaining how to fish the bait, where to cast and what to do if I felt a bump.

Not much else going on in this spot so we moved, and my brother caught a keeper. Not much else so we moved again. This spot produced another keeper and 2 more short fish.

We kept this up and ended up with 7 fish total and 3 keepers. Had a few croaker, short trout and a spot too.

In our almost 30 years of fishing at the beach, 3 total flounder is all we have caught. This all changed in a 5 hour trip withna great guide. I am very pleased and hope I can take what he taught us and apply it from now on. If anyone in the oak island/southport area is looking for a charter look no further than Capt. Wayne Freeman of Flatfish Charters.
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