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For a guy that doesn't eat fish you're an amazing fisherman.
And a very gracious person.

Turner was solo fishing when we 5 showed up in Capt. Dave's boat.
All had flounders on the brain.
While we are trying to get the perfect drift, I look over to see Turner anchored & fishing.
Five minutes into it Turner is hooked up, rod bent over & it's not one of his lighter outfits, it's his lite line, a Penn 4.0.
Is he fight a flounder? I'm hoping it's a really big flounder.
Some of my non-believer buddies are calling it a shark or barracuda. Wrong! This fish got some shoulders on him.
It's taking him all around his boat.
He's fighting a Cobia.
We start clapping, he start yelling that he has no gaff & ask if we want it.
Let's see, "Flounder or Cobia?" "Flounder or free Cobia?"

We rush over to hand him a gaff. He's got both his hands on the rod & a little too busy. So he does the unthinkable....... Hands me the rod. So we go from passive spectators to active participants in a flash.

Now I'm fighting this green Cobia, while all **** is braking out on our boat.
Guys jumping all over the place, moving quicker than they have in years.
Grabbing gloves, nets, gaffs, opening the fish box, moving rods off the gunnel. Getting ready, chinese fire drill ready.

Ended up netting the fish because we were not sure it would make the cut. It does at 36".

Turner here's your Cobia. Thanks for a great fish.
Our 4 flounders were shorts. While Harold had a record of 5 lizardfish & a large Barracuda bite off.
Truth is stranger than fiction. ...... ICM

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True indeed.
Team Building seminars that Capt. Dave attended are paying dividends.
DENNIS!'s, NJPD, Anger Management classes were a waste of time & money.
DENNIS! should ask for a refund.
Lil John's correction officer's prisoner sensitivity training (COPS) did work.
But only for a short period before the riot.
Harold's engineering degrees help us work thru several of our problems.
But the cost way out of line & over budget.

Never a dull moment when you put all those Alpha male egos on a small boat.
Throw in a potential thunderstorm, sprinkled with a nearing water spout & add in a green Cobia.
Think you get the idea. ...... ICM
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