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It was a good weekend in Asheville for the 6th Fly Expo. I haven't heard any attendance figures but I know it was certainly the busiest show we have had there. The tying materials are always popular but I also had a lot of interest in rods for trout to musky; the Simms, North Face and Patagonia rain jackets (thanks to the weather ?) and naturally all the various accessories from boxes to nippers to zingers. Several rod company reps had booths set up and it was a good chance to pick their brains and test cast a rod from TFO, St. Croix, Sage, etc. The Hilltop Fly Tyers had a big table set up and quite a few folks got an intro to tying their own flies or some coaching on advanced techniques. I also got to observe a lot of casting coaching and practice for angler of all shapes, sizes and ages...and it was nice to see wimpy "windshield wiper" casting transition to tighter, more efficient loops and increased distance...thank to the coaching from several certified casting instructors, sales reps and members of the Carolina Fly Fishing Club. And there were several fly shops, lodges, and guide services well represented, along with a variety of other groups and organizations.

It was a good show from the perspective of most folks I've talked with. Naturally a few attendees did not find it to their liking...but most felt it was an excellent show with a lot to be learned and some good deals to be had. We are certainly planning to be back next year for the 7th expo.

The store is about back to normal after unpacking and we'll be getting ready rapidly for Christmas shoppers. And, yes, I'll be running some holiday special on rods, waders, coats etc. over the next few weeks for folks that need to stuff Christmas stockings...
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