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The Fly Fishing Show in Winston is just around the corner....Feb 6 & 7. This is the shop's 13th or 14th year setting up a booth at the Fly Fishing Show....first in Charlotte; then in Raleigh; and most recently in Winston. This year has all the makings of another good show.

It's the largest in the Southeast; always has lots to see and do; and a great opportunity for folks who want to learn more about fly fishing if they take advantage of all the presentations and demonstrations. It's a good idea to review the program schedule and map out you agenda so you can see as much as appeals to you. There are a bunch of vendors as always...some with new gear and gadgets; some with sales; some with products you may have only seen in catalogs.

It's a good chance to ""touch and feel;" and demonstrate a new fly rod, see some new products or tying techniques and meet quite a few folks who have made fly fishing what it is.

The booth gets pretty busy both on Fri. and Sat. but swing by, interrupt and say hello if you get a chance. We hope to see you there.
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