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There are two places to buy flies in the area. Sportsman Toystore in James City (won't be open much longer they are relocating) and Cape Lookout Fly Shop on Atlantic Beach which is owned by Capt Joe Shute (very good and well respected, awesome guy). As far as flies go, clousers, deceivers, polar minnows, crease flies, crab imitations, shrimp patterns, spoon flies, poppers, and small divers such as the AP Diver (An NCAngler exclusive, created by our very own Tarheel flyflinger). There are a few guys on here that are really good fly fishermen that also tie some nice flies. Roused, Scott Hobbs, yakattack fly flinger and Tarheel flyflinger. The guys I mentioned are guys that are here on the coast and regularly fish the salt. There are also a few guys that are very good but live out west and fish freshwater a little more often should that interest you.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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