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We are planning to hold fly tying classes again this winter and I am compiling a list of potential students. If you are interested in the classes, let me know and I will notifiy you when dates and details are finalized.

Classes are planned for Thurs evenings, 7-9 pm, and would last for approximately 7 weeks. Cost would be approx $70. If you don't have vise and tools, I will provide loaners. Materials during the class are provided but students need to buy materials for "homework" tying. Typically if the students from the first 7 week class want to move on to intermediate levels, we'll start another 7 week session.

The instructor is Mickey Reavis. He stocks the tying materials section of the store and has taught classes here in the area for years, in addition to being a professional fly tyer.

If interested of have questions, send me an email or call the store to get on the notification list.
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