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Headed back out this morning about 9am armed with a hand full of new foam floating/divers and San Juan worms. Skies were cloudy, little wind with prospects of some topwater action.

Grabbed the rod, tied on a new leader and started with a green head/white body. Fish were all over it.

This fish was barely bigger than the fly.

Tried a few spots where the big bream were hitting the foam diver. The bass kept hammering anything out there.

I fished for about 5 hours and it was non stop topwater action. I caught loads of bass, not big ones, but still a lot of fun and lots of action. Eyes were added with Clear Cure Goo. They give some good eye appeal to the bass and a little rattle action.

Lots of big schools of small fry out there so the bass seemed to have spawned.
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