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To start fishing the most beautiful lake in nc, just being there is awesome. The first 2 days there the fishing was a lil slow, got some smallies and spots in eagle and hazel creeks. Fishing was slow, and seemed like most people were trying to fish the same areas on such a big lake, on that note, a change was needed!! When we got back to camp that night a kind gentleman gave a few pointers on what he was having luck with, it seemed that smaller is better, I down sized line to 6 lb fluorocarbon , and went to a 4" watermelon bps sinko cut it in half and put it on a 1/8 oz jig , casting it at the bank and letting it fall slow was the ticket,, just started to ware them out, on the 23 rd in the morning I just lost count on how many we caught, that evening and on the 24th was just awesome spots, smallies,and largemouth , I'll have to say it was the by far the best fishing days I've ever had on lk Fontana , can't wait till I have a chance to return. I have a bunch of photos of the trip, as soon as I have a chance to down load them I'll post
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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