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Fort Bragg ponds Army contract

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Does anyone happen to know if the holes on Bragg are still stocked and managed? It seems like the fishing has gone downhill over the last two years or so. I just hate paying that extra 25 bucks to fish here.
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Yes the fish are managed and stocked. You can go to the rod and gun club right by McKellar lake and talk to the guys that sell the license and they should be able to tell you when they stock what ponds and with what type of fish. The fort bragg lakes are really hard to fish some times because they get a lot of pressure. I like to fish the lakes I know a lot of people are not going to be fishing! Good luck out there and let me know if you need anymore help!
I saw them dumping a couple hundred bluegill on good Friday. I assume they did a number of lakes. Small lakes go through cycles. I've fished boundary line for 3 years pretty hard and I've never seen a pickerel there until this year. 2 years ago I caught quite a few 5 pounders there. Those lakes are unbelievably pressured. Monday after Easter there were over 15 people fishing the bank and 2 boats.
I'm gonna go up there and talk to the lodge. I'll try to give an update on here for anyone interested. I'm on post and its real nice to be able to drive to a bunch of ponds in a matter of minutes. I seem to only be able to catch small cats out of Wyatt and McKellers though. I know what yall mean about the pressure. Its packed pretty often.
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