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About 7:30 Saturday morning, I'm standing in water to my ankles; temp is about 50 degrees and wind is gusting about 10 (weather forecast said 2) and I'm thinking that maybe I have wasted time and gas to drive down to fish at Fort Fisher. I further thought the same when I stopped to try to catch some bait and a few minutes later look up to see my kayak about 200 yards away, quickly gaining speed in the wind. So I shuck most of my clothes and go retrieve it, all the while thinking that I have indeed wasted the time and gas to come. I'm thinking that I am going to be an icecube all day. But a bad day fishing is better than a good day of most things, so I press on.
Turns out that I am worrying needlessly. The wind died down, sun was bright all day and the weather was great. Later ran in to Ashley (Druminator) and Mark- think of the guy that went into the water to try to net whatever Lefty was fighting at the Fort Fisher meet and greet. I also met a guy named Jerry from Cary, and told him that he needed to check out
Ended up catching 2 reds- one 22 inch fatty and a 12 inch baby. The blackend redfish tasted yummy! Ashley had hooked up with a nice drum before I got there (slot size I think) and a nice speck afterwards.
So it turned out to be a great day after all!
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