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Fought the winds on Jordan 2-20-08

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Took Zach down to Jordan Wednesday morning. Windy "ripple" on the water, but not too bad when we got there. Tried to catch shad, but only came up with a dozen and a half. Last time we caught more in one cast of the net than we could use in 5 trips!!!!!!! Set out 5 rods for stripers - 4 down rods and one drift line. Trolled 'till about 10:30 and then put the striper stuff away and headed up to the 64 bridge for crappie. Caught one within the first 30 seconds, but the wind just beat us to death. Caught a couple more, but left to get away from the wind. Fished Little Beaver Creek but the wind just tore us up there too. Finally ended up tying up to the Ebeneezer bridge on the south side and caught about 50-60 from there despite the wind. Lost two anchors and my brother met me after lunch and he lost one too. Only brought home about a dozen keepers, but "a bad day fishing beats a good day at work".

Ended up with 3 about 13"-14", with the others just barely keepers. That was the worst wind I have ever fished in. Did get to use my new Driftmaster "T" bar and it worked great. I'd of bought it years ago had I known they worked so well.

Take a kid outdoors!
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Thanks for the report and the pictures. Gotta love that smile on Zach's face!
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That's a good fishin day right there, even though the weather wasnt all that! Good job guys!
Glad you made the best of it!!
where did you catch the shad with your castnet? Have you fished the Crosswinds Marina Bridge yet? Just wondering cause I am getting sick to go.
SeaCat, we caught the few shad we caught about 300 yards south of the Ebeneezer bridge. They seemed to be very scattered. I don't know if the wind had them spread out or what, but I just couldn't get on the shad. No I haven't been to Crosswinds bridge since last year. The wind absolutely beat us to death at 64 and would have been as bad or worse at Crosswinds so we headed to Ebeneezer to try and get out of the wind a little. We saw 2 boats under the bridge at Crosswinds, but they only stayed a few minutes before pulling anchor and heading towards 64.

Take a kid outdoors!
Good deal

Take a kid fishing and watch smile that will melt the glaciers.

tight lines <*)))))>{
Too bad about losing two anchors! But at least you got on some fish.
That smile is priceless. One day, he'll be telling his friend or child about the day that "Dad and I fished Jordan Lake as the wind beat us up, but we caught fish, and it was great." Great job of toughing it out.
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