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Been awhile since I posted on specks but then, when you're not fishing for them, they're kind of hard to catch....:ROFLMAO:. At the ramp in an undisclosed location near the Pamlico River at 0650 hrs on Sunday 08Jan. Air temp was 29 F, water clue (buddy's boat doesn't possess temp capabilities)...let's say maybe high 40's? Winds were non-existent...dead calm. Slightly overcast with occasional appearances of our buddy the sun.

Motoring up the creek we saw what appeared to be a Walmart parking lot....ouch, yeah, that many boats! Throwing Mirro Lures and soft tails (chartreuse paddle tails) it only took us about 15 minutes of fishing to boat our first fish. From there it was game on. Final score, a boat limit of nice fat least one citation was caught (but released) all before 1100 hrs. Fish were hanging in 3-5 ft of water. Most action was, as previously noted, on Mirro Lures and tails but we did pull in a couple using Yo Zuri 3DS Minnows once the water began to warm a little. We saw lots of top water action but could never quite match what they were hitting so not a lot of luck there.

Great day of fishing but a word of caution...with air temps below freezing until after 1000 hrs casting platforms were extremely slippery (frosted over) and although no one hit the water, there were a couple of close calls so keep that in mind! Also, in the early hours I noted some icing on my braid and line guides that made casting tough.

Tight lines all.
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