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Around 4:00 PM my dad and I went up to the French Broad River near Alexander, NC to see if we could catch something.

Primarily after smallmouth black bass I had some big golden shiners to use on big bass along with artificial lures.

We were fishing off the NC 25I better known as the Marshall Highway because it runs from Asheville to Marshall and largely parallels the French Broad.

I caught two smallmouths on shiners- one about 11 inches and one about 12 inches. Both were chunky for their size.

I was fishing the shiners on Eagle Claw spinner hooks with a golden spinner blade.

The water was low and off color/dingy.

That was it.

We stopped to fish at another spot closer to Marshall. NC further upstream but no luck there.

Mostly I fished live golden shiners.

My dad tried a few casts with a Rapala but no dice.
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