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Fresh Water

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Got permission to fish a pond in Robeson that I haven't fished in 30 years. Could only fish the bank; didn't want to push the issue with a boat quite yet, but it is a beautiful piece of darkwater with rumoured lunkers. Fished with NCTommy and we got 11 between the 2 of us in 2.5 hrs. Biggest was about 3lbs but we saw wakes pushing away from shore that looked like submarines were under there.


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Nice bass there man. Cool that you got permission to fish that pond. I've gotta gather the gumption to ask a few homeowners myself with all the nice ponds in Apex
Like asking that girl to the prom..... Ya never know unless you ask. You win some, you lose some.. Now I gotta figure out on which visit I pop the question. "Can I put my boat in?"
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"Now I gotta figure out on which visit I pop the question. "Can I put my boat in?""

If it would make you feel more comfortable about asking, I'd show some appreciation first. Maybe stop by with a gift card for something the owner would be interested in and show them the fish pictures? Looks like a nice spot.
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