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I recently found some elastic aquarium anemone things. I decided to tie them on a hook to see what happened....the outcome was pretty awesome. I have had multiple people message me on facebook and instagram asking to buy some from me (one guy wanted 200 of them). I dont sell flies, but I will post a how to tie these so you can tie your own. Check it out.

1 I use a size 4 TMC 5262 and large lead dumbell eyes. Dress the hook with thread matching the color of the tail.
2 Tie in crystal flash at the back end and palmer it forward. This creates something for the tail to grab onto and the super glue to set. It also adds a little flash to the shank. Then whip finish the thread off.
3. Cut the tail off of the anemone thing. Take a lighter to a bodkin and melt a slit as shown. Then glue it to the top of the hook on top of the flash. For best results, let it dry overnight.
4. Restart the thread. Create a dubbing loop. Take a zonker strip and put the fibers 90 degrees from the pelt...I use a petitjean magic tool, but you can easily use a big binder clip to grab the fibers. Cut the pelt from the hairs. Place hairs in dubbing loop as shown and spin spin spin.
5. Palmer the rabbit strip hair dubbing loop forward and tie off.
6. Add a little angora goat dubbing for a a little bit of meat for the collar.
7. Tie in some hack and palmer it forward. Be careful not to crowd the lead eyes.
8. Finish off with more dubbing and boom you are done.

Flower Plant Terrestrial plant Petal Flowering plant
Head Hand Eyelash Natural material Animal product
Fishing lure Fishing bait Bait Orange Plant
White Blue Light Product Green

I hope you enjoy.


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