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FS: St Croix Tidemaster rods [Pending]

I have two of my favorite inshore rods up for sell. Earlier this year I got into rod building and have rebuilt most my inshore rods on Avid blanks so selling my last two St Croix factory rods. I have two 7' models one in Medium Fast and the other in Medium Moderate. The Medium Moderate was my bread and butter rod and probably the most versatile rod I used from tossing live finger mullet, spoons, and anything with a treble hook. The medium fast did not see as much action as I pretty much only used it for striper fishing in the winter. Below are the St Croix specs and I'll get some pictures up soon.

TIC70MF7'MFast18 - 173/8 - 3/44.5oz$ 160
TIC70MM7'MMod.18 - 171/4 - 5/83.8oz$ 150

Selling at 50% the retail price to move them quick. So the Medium Fast is $80 and the Medium Moderate is $75. No broken guides and minimum boat rash if that is important. Would rather sell locally but if you want me to ship we might be able to work something out in terms of shipping cost. Since these are 7' footers I would think shipping would be in the $15-20 range.


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