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I was down in the Morehead city area for work Thursday and stayed till this morning. Thursday I hit Oceanna Pier after work (see atlantic beach thread). Friday morning I woke early and went over to the Radio Island pier/launch prepared to go after Grey Trout and then hit the Haystacks. Getting there and seeing the chop and 17 mph winds, I fished from the pier for about an hour. The pin fish were tearing me up and no sign of weakfish so I decided to change locations. I went over to the Ft. Macon Jetty hoping to get out of the wind a bit. had about 4 hrs before high tide and with the moon phase plenty of the jetty was accessible so out I went. Another angler was just getting out there as well and we quickly talked strategy. He picked up 2 short flounder fairly quickly using Watermelon pearl jerk shads close to the rocks. I stuck to my guns and kept one rod out with carolina rigged finger mullet out while I worked a speck rig tipped with shrimp. soon I was hooked up only to find I was wrapped in the other anglers line. No time to get the go pro running as he worked the tangle and I worked the fish. Always a laugh! He got the tangle undone in time to net a 25.5 in drum for me! After that the bite shut done for about an hour or so. He hooked but lost another flounder. I got a small bite, waited, checked my bait and cast right back to the same spot.. not 2 mins.. and wham! another hook up. Landed a 17.5 inch flounder!
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So high tide rolled in, went to occeanna for lunch (good fish tacos) and check out the report. Deciced on going back to the jetty. A school of blues came by but some dolphins kept them off shore. With fading time and light I went by the radio island pier one last time to see if the grey trout had come in while the wind had slowed. No such luck. Pin fish, hog fish, a few small blues, a undersized flounder, and a black sea bass (no possession). really wanted that grand slam.. maybe next time.. Friday? lol
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