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Necessity IS the mother of invention. I was in need of a rod rack for my rods that I leave at the beach house. I looked around and found most rod racks that will hold 6 rods run $50, ones that hold 10 run $100 and ones that hold 20 run $150.

I wanted it to be functional, take up the least amount of space possible, look good, and be economical.

The design I came up with is simple and it is easy to make it larger or smaller than mine. The uprights are offset and there is plenty of room between them to accommodate large reels.

This design below hold 11 rods. The overall dimension is roughly 48" x 10"

Parts were purchased from Lowes, fittings are Lasco brand.

Parts list: (all 1 1/2" schedule 40 pipe and fittings)
2 - 10' of pipe
11 - Tees
2 - 90s
4 - 45s

I used my mire saw to cut the following sections of pipe:

11 - 6" uprights
9 - 4" spacers to go in-between the tees
6 - 2 1/2" pieces to connect the 90s and 45s
2 - 4 1/2 pieces to connect the 45s

Dry fit all of you pieces before gluing.

Glue the pieces together using a small amount of PVC cement. Start out by gluing the rows together. Lay the row on a flat surface to ensure all the tees are parallel to each other.

Once you have both rows glued together, glue on the 90s and 45s. Save the longer pipe that connects the 45s to last as you may have to adjust the length.

If you need more than 11, simply add another tee and 4' spacer to each row.

The rack is very stable and will not tip over.

Hope this helps.


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My kinda creativity!!! I took and old rolling entertainment stand and put PVC holders all the way around 3 sides and slide my tackle boxes inside where the stereo/vcr stuff used to go. Holds 12 rods. I need more places since the tackle monkey has taken hold so this will work great.

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Thanks for posting the picture AND parts used. There are a few similar on eBay for sale but now that I have the parts list, I can make my own.

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