Garmin 93sv Plus with 9" screen, traditional Chirp sonar and down and side imaging. Control with touch screen and keypad. Includes GT52HW-TM transducer, can be mounted on transom or trolling motor. Built in LakeVu mapping, has all major NC lakes. Quickdraw contours allows you to create your own charts with 1' contours. Can be flush or surface mounted. Has wi-fi for Garmin Active Captain, and images and data can be shared with other Echomap Plus and Ultra units. Compatible with first generation Livescope system, newest version will not work. Garmin Livescope™ System | Live Scanning Sonar

Includes unit, mounting bracket, power/data cable, tilt mount with quick release cradle, and SD mapping cards.

Excellent condition. Call or text nine one zero, eight seven nine, seven zero one seven.